Sunday, April 11, 2010


This weekend I painted a little bit on Saturday night with Elle.  I tried to work on getting vibrant colors, so I used a lot more fresh pigment than I had been, and the results were dramatic.  I also used an entire piece of paper, as opposed to cutting it down to a practice size.  I think this had the positive effect of allowing broad, graceful strokes, whereas with smaller pieces of paper there is a tendency, at least for me, to stiffen up and produce shakiness.

Friday night I went to an event for Ellen's workplace that was held at the Petersburg Regional Art Center.  Ellen pointed me to one studio in particular, that of Chesterfield resident Greg Lewis.  His work is mostly structural, for lack of a better word: pieces created out of found materials spattered with various shades of metallic paint, sculptures made of toothpicks, and pieces made of bits of shell.  It was really amazing work.  I will try to find more information about him on the net and share it here.

Red flower, uncertain variety, from a Facebook album.

Another flower, uncertain variety, Facebook.

The same flower, but using watercolor pencils as opposed to paints.

Splatter. =)

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  1. Very cool I like this a lot. I am a fan of the bright colors though. Is "splatter the name"? Frame it up and go for the juried shows.

    You know they look a little like tad poles or some sort of minnows.