The Tree Room is the nickname for the room in our house that I claimed when we moved in.  The former homeowners had used it as a nursery, and the wall was painted with a 'Giving Tree' mural.  The mural has since been painted over, but the name remains.  It is the home of my computer desk, which I spend too much time with, and my bookshelf and rocking chair, with which I spend too little.

I am interested in things like programming, technology, various forms of creative outlet, genealogy, and cuisine.  In my free time, which i have plenty of, I am working on watercolors, PHP programming, game design, and virtual world creation.  I am kind of a nerd.

I live in Richmond, VA with my wife and two dogs.  We love it here - we are close to her family, and not too far from mine.  There are no shortage of great places to eat, and fun things to do.

During the day I provide technical assistance and training for a small software company here in town.  We make educational testing and reporting web software that is used by schools in several states.  The excitement of it is almost too much to bear at times. =P