Monday, March 29, 2010

More practice.

This weekend I worked on washes and mixing.  The results were 50/50 (at best,) but I know that ratio will improve with time.

Painted from a watercolor hanging in our living room, original by Ann Ahearn (Ellen's mom.)  Hers is much better!

Painted from an image found by Google image searching the phrase 'tire swing.'  Not sure if it transmitted well in the scanning process, but the sky is pretty cool, a mixed wash of yellow and purple.  The rest is pretty blah.
Another Google image, this time from the word 'desert.'  Happy with some of the shading in this, but not all of it.  I feel like I'm having trouble between colors that aren't vibrant enough and just using pure pigment (i.e I should just be oil painting at that point, I feel like.)

Pretty happy with this one, although the overwhelming presence of straight lines had me cursing my shaky hands.

The source was a screen capture from Live's 'Turn My Head' video, which is itself based upon the paintings of John Register.  I admire the way he captures everyday moments with near photographic precision, and with such a feeling of solitude.  I have been a big fan of what work of his I have been able to find since seeing this video years ago.

So that's about it - no masterpieces yet, but the practice continues.  Looking back on the learning process for percussion, I think it was a good seven years before I was actually good.  With cooking, it was also a learning curve measured in years.  Maybe I will be good at this by the time I'm thirty.  Maybe forty.  Maybe never.  I'm enjoying it though, the frustration is minimal, and sharing the experience with Elle is phenomenal.  I'm not in any hurry.


  1. I love the beach watercolor! I'd hang it in my home. Are you selling your works of art yet? ;)

  2. I'm not, but send me your address via Facebook and I'll send you one in the mail! Thanks for being so supportive!